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Organizational chart of the
Rothschild Occupational Government:

The symbol on the right, from the seal of the United States on a $1 bill, is that of the Bavarian Illuminati, one of several Rothschild political vehicles. The inscription below translates to "NEW WORLD ORDER". Historically, the Illuminati was responsible for instigating the French Revolution after infiltrating the French Freemasons. Since then, the Illuminati is usually disregarded by the media as a delusional fantasy. Now why would they do that?

Ministry of "Justice":

Ministry of "Prosperity":

Ministry of "Truth":

The American Bar Association

Area of control includes Congress, the Supreme Court, and regulatory and licensing agencies too numerous to list. Sometimes the president is also a member.

The Federal Reserve Board

Subsidiary & collection agencies:

Internal Revenue Service
and member banks of the Federal Reserve Board.

The Central Intelligence Agency

Subsidiary & "protection" agency:

Drug Enforcment Agency
also exercises control over mass media.

If this breakdown sounds Orwellian, it should, because all of my research on this points to an organization which is attempting to impose an Orwellian system of government, not just on the U.S., but on the whole world, and they are succeeding. The Rothschilds, along with some of their associated banking families, have long been involved in the creation and/or development of such movements as the Bavarian Illuminati, the Zionist movement, International Communism, the Bolshievik Revolution, and the German National Socialist party (Nazis). Their biggest customers for loans are governments. To secure those loans, as with any other, they need security. They acquire that security two ways: By lending to competing countries to maintain a military balance, and by setting up national banks under their control.

"New World Order" (also translated as "New Order of the Centuries") was by no means new with the creation of the Great Seal of the United States. It is an old Illuminati slogan, used by Adolph Hitler, and later, by President George Bush, the son of a Hitler supporter, Prescott Bush. Perhaps this is mere coincidence, but is that really likely? Particularly in light of the fact that George is a member of the same Skull and Bones Society that his father used as a cover for transfering funds to Hitler?
The Illuminati was founded in Bavaria in 1792, by a Freemason grandmaster named Adam Weishaupt. Adam received backing from the Rothschild family to build the Illuminati. He even converted to the Rothschild religion. He had been a Jesuit, but became a Jew. His followers were drawn, primarily, from Bavarian Freemason masters, who then attempted to use the Bavarian Freemasons to overthrow the Bavarian government. They were found out, and fled to Paris, where they infiltrated the French Freemasons. The revolutionary cry of "Liberty, Fraternity, Equality" was taken right out of the principles of Freemasonry. The same principles influenced the American Revolution and the Constitutional Conventions, as most of the instigators in those events were Freemasons. "Liberty, Fraternaty, Equality", however, was not what the French got. Something went seriously wrong.
The Freemasons are an ancient society that long operated under cover of a mason's guild. Throughout the Dark Ages, they preserved the ideals of freedom and equality for all men, while such things were persecuted relentlessly by the Catholic Church. The Black Plague left Europe with little need for masons, so they had to expand their range of applicants, to include other professions, including doctors and lawyers. With the decline of the papacy, the freemansons got a whole new playing field, with new opportunities. Somebody grabbed the freemasons by their leadership. That somebody was Adam Wieshaupt, an agent of the Rothschilds.
"The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" outlines a devious plan for world domination. Widely dismissed as a forgery created with anti-semitic intentions, I have yet to see any critics deal with the question Henry Ford once raised: "..why is it so damned prophetic?" This document claims to be a record of the proceedings of the First Zionist Congress, held in 1870. As such, it likely is a forgery, but it closely resembles an older document, found on the body of an Illuminati courier who had been struck by lightning en route from Bavaria to Paris. It was the discovery of this document which tipped off Bavarian police to the plans of the Illuminati.
Forgery it may be, but it is far too elaborate, detailed and well-thought-out to be just fiction. Perhaps someone noted patterns in events and pieced the plan together, ascribing cause to a people he detested. Perhaps this someone was both sufficiently educated, and sufficiently paranoid schizophrenic, to interpret the pattern in such bizarre fashion. Hitler saw it, and he ascribed the cause to Jews, because he read the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and took it at face value. Or perhaps that's just what he wanted people to believe, because Hitler accepted backing from the same Jewish bankers that he railed against in his "Mein Kampf". Even the Protocols, however, cautions against letting the average Jew in on the plan.
The Plan: To destroy or take away the power of all the royal families of Europe. Monarchy is to be replaced with democratic republics, temporarily. Democracy is to be undermined with economic wars, writing bad laws, twisting good laws, take over education, invention of crises, swamping governments with lobbyists, lawyers, licensing laws and regulations. It has been over two centuries since the Illuminati was founded, over a century since the Protocols were written; we are there.


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Tattered & torn upside-down flag to: Sovereign's W3 Campaign

Those who believe in the system,
have yet to experience it.


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